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The wildest downhill MTB moments of 2017. | UCI MTB World Cup 2017

The Best of the Wildmen 2017 recaps the finest clips from a year of UCI MTB World Cup racing and outlines why you simply can't beat getting rowdy on a DH bike. ...

2017-12-26 03:06 349 Dailymotion

Testing 29" VS 27.5" Downhill MTB Wheels | UCI MTB World Cup: Lourdes Practice Day

The great mountain bike debate of the 21st century has found it's way into the downhill scene. The all-mighty 26 inch wheel and it's ever-radical form and funct...

2017-05-02 05:09 1,631 Dailymotion

GT Fury Downhill Mountain Bike -- Best New MTB Gear 2014

GT Fury Downhill Mountain Bike is a lighter, stiffer bike thanks to the brand's relationship with Atherton Racing. Check out the video to find out more about th...

2019-02-21 01:39 1 Dailymotion

Downhill MTB on Utah's King Kong Trail by Supermoon Light

On November 14, 2016, the moon traveled closer to the Earth than it has since 1948 — and we'll have to wait until 2034 until it gets this close again. With o...

2016-12-04 00:38 193,620 Dailymotion