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Bodak Yellow

Zhavia - Bodak Yellow (Cardi B) The Four Back

Zhavia - Black Yellow (Cardi B) The Four Back.

2018-02-02 01:43 3,584,241 YouTube

Bodak Yellow (Clean lyrics)

My second insta my first my snap is also halos_beauty only one ...

2017-11-10 03:45 510,917 YouTube

Zhavia "Bodak Yellow" | The Four

2018-02-07 05:09 3,410,011 YouTube

Mom remix to Cardi B - bodak yellow

2017-11-11 03:25 1,853,726 YouTube

Teacher raps to bodak yellow😂

2017-09-29 01:55 4,091,790 YouTube

HHV Exclusive: J White talks producing "Bodak Yellow" and "I Like It" for Cardi B, those songs topping Billboard, and their success at Atlanta Beat Auction J White was the man behind the board on both of those records. Last night, J White spoke to at the Atlanta Beat Aucti...

2018-11-15 01:01 67,495 Dailymotion

Cardi B's Dentist Straight Flossin' Since 'Bodak Yellow' Shout-Out | Billboard News

"Just this week I've gotten so many calls because people actually wonder who is Cardi B's dentist."...

2017-09-28 01:32 80 Dailymotion

Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (Lyrics)

Covered by "Sonna Rele"....

2017-09-30 02:45 2,425 Dailymotion

Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow' Starts a Dance Party at New York Subway Station

Cardi B's 'Bodak Yellow' Starts a Dance Party at New York Subway Station...

2017-12-05 01:02 2 Dailymotion