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Ynw Melly Murder On My Mind

YNW Melly "Murder On My Mind" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

YNW Melly’s “Murder On My Mind” has found a strong audience with 39 millions Spotify streams to date. It is produced by SMKEXCLSV and appears on 'I Am You...

2018-12-12 05:25 1,216 Dailymotion

YNW Melly "Murder On My Mind" (Live Performance) | Open Mic

Florida rapper YNW Melly recently stopped by Genius for a live performance of his breakout hit, “Murder On My Mind,” which has racked up an impressive 74 mi...

2019-01-17 04:19 6,245 Dailymotion

YNW Melly Doesn't Think The Charge Will Stick

MIRAMAR, FL – YNW Melly was arrested in February and is currently sitting behind bars at a Florida jail waiting for trial. On Wednesday (May 15), his family ...

2019-05-16 02:01 24 Dailymotion

YNW Melly’s “Murder On My Mind” Explained

Rising Florida rapper YNW Melly turned himself in to police in Miramar, Florida on Wednesday and has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, the So...

2019-02-15 02:32 1,223 Dailymotion