What Happened to PRISTIN

2019-02-06 19,837 309 611,879 YouTube

A little editorial on my thoughts of What happened to PRISTIN and Pledis, PRISTIN Kyla, and what Pledis will do with PRISTIN in 2019. SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2wFx8Ub ► Contribute Closed Captions (CC) in ANY language! It would be a lot of help! (CLICK the SETTINGS button and then click ADD SUBTITLES/CC!)◄ #KPOP #PRISTIN #PLEDIS What Happened to PRISTIN, Has Pledis Ruined PRISTIN, pledis, pristin, pledis pristin, prsitin kyla, pristin v get it, pristin v, pristin wee woo, pristin we like, pledis entertainment, seventeen, nuest, nuest w, after school, orange caramel, kpop, kpop reaction, react to kpop, internetsnathan,