Roland AX-Edge review

2018-09-18 571 15 57,482 YouTube

I got my hands on the brand new AX-Edge from Roland. Here I take you through the incredibly deep new synth engine and the amazing control you have over the sounds. There’s well thought out design features that give you the freedom and confidence to truly express yourself. I love this synth! I can customise my sounds connecting to the AX-Edge editor app with Bluetooth MIDI and tweak my sounds wirelessly. Splits and layers let me take full advantage of the expansive, full-sized keyboard. There’s a wealth of stunning new effects, including a master compressor and EQ, giving polished, studio-quality sounds. And thanks to the Tone Remain function, I can switch sounds seamlessly on stage without notes or effect tails being cut off prematurely. Very cool! One more time …. I love this synth! Mark Watson.